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Elena Alexandrovna Likhach is a well-known artist, author and art director of the Skoch Skill project since 2017. Mentor of his own individual courses on creating paintings from adhesive tape. Active in the arts and philanthropy in the framework of environmental protection.
The essence of the project of Elena Likhach "Skoch skill"
Pictures are created according to the principle of the Tape style art from adhesive tapes (adhesive tape, electrical tape, molar tape and packing tape). To create paintings, you only need a base, in particular glass, a stationery knife and sticky material.
Elena Alexandrovna is engaged in the creation of portraits and images and refers her art to the pop art movement. In 2023, he plans to present his global project to the world, which she is currently silent about.
Not so long ago, sticky paintings gained popularity at international exhibitions, and Elena Likhach is trying to develop the direction in Russia in order to keep up with the times and try herself in something new and non-standard.
Artist plans and hobbies
In addition to creating paintings and mentoring, Elena Likhach's "Skoch Skill" projest is actively involved in charity work to save the environment from human pollution. It cooperates with international organizations for the protection of the oceans and the purification of the atmosphere from greenhouse gases, which are uncontrollably released into the environment.

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Elena Likhach, thank you for the experience of creating pictures from adhesive tape, it was a fun, positive practice that paid off. I have already made my first picture, which looks like a normal one and showed it to everyone I know. You are a persistent teacher, each lesson was deposited in my memory and remembered only by good impressions. I am very glad that I decided on this and tried my hand at something new.


Оценка: (5)

Elena Likhach's works are a kind of freedom for me. The appeal to history, images of the past makes her works intellectual and interesting not only for lovers of modern pictorial forms, but also for connoisseurs of more traditional art. And the very fact that the paintings are created using adhesive tape makes them more interesting and modern. Elena Likhach's Skoch Skill project is awesome!
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